John Allan Wilson

John Allan Wilson III is proud to present the credentials of J.A.Wilson & Associates Architects as a Professional Corporation to practice Architecture. The firm was established in 1989 as a studio for the practice of truly creative, quality architecture and design. Mr. Wilson is a graduate of the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and has practiced Architecture for twenty-nine years in the Chicago area both as a sole proprietor and as a partnership for nineteen of those years.

Dedicated to successfully executing commissions of superior quality while closely meeting the needs and desires of our clients, JAWilson Architects, PC works closely with their clients, their interior designers and contractors in an effort to synthesize ideas from all of the major participants of the project. Our clientele is both engaged and informed and the interaction between the participants can often develop in a most rewarding way during the projects. The firm also has an excellent reference library of building types and styles, and researches extensively the basis for the design for each project. The resulting body of design work shown on these pages of J.A. Wilson Architects reflects the depth of attention to detail devoted to each project and our commitment to seeing the process through to the successful construction of the design.

JAWilson Architects boasts a staff of skilled architects and designers, draftsmen and support staff that together provide the full range of architectural and design services required to design and oversee the construction of projects varying widely in scope and with close personal attention to service. The body of realized work ranges from residential commissions both new and renovations, commercial and professional commissions and residential development with particular concentration on the residential area. J.A. Wilson Architects also arranges outside consultants to perform the structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering required by the project on behalf of our clients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have regarding the diverse architectural services of JAWilson Architects and how we might be of service to you. We welcome your interest in our capabilities, and invite your further contact to discuss your particular needs.